Austrian Elections

Some thoughts to remember.

Austrian Elections
A Black Swan being nice, polite, sensitive, considerate.

Hofer should be become president according to
Elliott Wave and the US example

s&p vs atx
s&p vs atx


the public sentiment in rural areas
retired people
Van der Bellen should become president according to
social media ranking #14, w47/2016

the political establishment
left wing social groups

One can assume that even people who are not happy with Hofer will say “this has to happen to change something”. EU friendly, yes, but too weak to resist the anger.
A recent survey is looking at the anti-globalization sentiment, implying the rejection of variety. One may assume that people who favor national boundaries do not take advantage of the variety of products.
Some keywords and thoughts:
Fear of change.
Interruption of routine.
Repressed feelings surface.
Rage is undifferentiated.
Fight for survival. The language of long-time parties does not reflect and picture these emotions.
New keyword for Europe could be “TrEUmp”
Educational Elite vs. working class people.
Politicians repeatedly say to take care of people. The people concerned still feel to be left alone.
Mutual claim competitions arise.
The notion “national” had a bitter taste in Europe in the past. Now it seems to become a more and more accepted standard in EU member states.
People fear that religious freedom annuls public law.
The ongoing power struggles among and shift of groups of power.
Another Black Swan coming?

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