potenial core meltdowns in Europe

The cooling water is heated in:

Country Reactor Since Temperature in Degrees Celsius
Slovakia Bohunice-3 1991 ca. 55
Slovakia Mochovce-1 1998 n.a
Czech Republic Temelin-1 2000 55-60
Czech Republic Dukovany-1 1992 55-60

If you are no longer sure whether the reactor pressure vessel can withstand the emergency cooling water at normal temperature, then one should be alarmed.’


There are at least 18 active nuclear reactors in the Czech Republic, Belgium, France, Finland and Slovakia with problems regarding the stability of the reactor pressure vessels. Research conducted by WDR and ‘Süddeutscher Zeitung’ (SZ), the emergency cooling water is preheated to a temperature of up to 60 degrees Celsius with the intend to reduce the risk of a breaking steel reactor pressure vessel when cooled with cold water which could result in a core meltdown.







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